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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Archaeology of Wealth Inequality | History | Smithsonian:

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Armenian archaeologist banned from conference for research in occupied lands of Azerbaijan:
 "..... the ban was explained by the decision of UNESCO which prohibits conduct of archaeological researches in unresolved conflict areas."

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Archaeologists find two historic cannons at Fort Cornwallis | The Malaysian Insight:

Former city archaeologist to lead St. Patrick's Day Parade:

"This year’s Grand Marshal will be Carl Halbirt, City of St. Augustine Archaeologist."

Ed: Well who better, but do you have to be "former" to lead?

Archaeologist Mary Leakey Would Be 105 Today:

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Arrival of Beaker folk changed Britain forever, ancient DNA study shows | Science | The Guardian:

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See Rome’s Baths of Caracalla As They Once Were Thanks to New Virtual Reality Technology | ITALY Magazine:

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

'Loneliest tree' records human epoch - BBC News:

Search results | UC QuakeStudies:

Search on "archaeology"

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Search results | UC QuakeStudies:

Canterbury earthquakes site. Search on "heritage"

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Archaeologists in Mexico Discover Treasures of Mayan Civilization and Giant Sloth Fossils in Vast Underwater Cave:

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Homo erectus may have been a sailor – and able to speak | Science | The Guardian:

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Canterbury Provincial Chambers to remain mothballed for 11 years | Stuff.co.nz:

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Rare Roman boxing gloves found near Hadrian's Wall | UK news | The Guardian:

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K-9-Artifact-Finders: "Finding target scents linked to illegally looted artifacts will equip customs officers with the advanced tool they need to nab heritage traffickers and their smuggled cultural property packages at airports, cargo facilities, and other ports of entry. "

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Why are these 1860s houses buried on Lonsdale St? - Saturday Breakfast - ABC Radio:

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Journal of Pacific Archaeology:  VOL 9, NO 1 (2018)


Ancient DNA evidence for the introduction and dispersal of dogs in New Zealand
Karen Greig, James Boocock, Melinda S. Allen, Richard Walter, Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith

The Field of War: LiDAR Identification of Earthwork Defences on Tongatapu Island, Kingdom of Tonga
Phillip Anthony Parton, Geoffrey Clark, Christian Reepmeyer, David Burley

Coastal and Inland Settlement on Raiʻatea (Society Islands) During the Development/Expansion, Classic, and Post-Contact Phases
Jennifer G. Kahn

New taxonomic records and regional trends for the Marquesan prehistoric marine fishery, Eiao Island, Polynesia
Ariana Lambrides, Marshall Weisler, Michel Charleux


Archaeological Reconnaisance and the First Radiocarbon Dates From Simbo Island, Western Province, Solomon Islands
Hannah Haas, Todd J. Braje, Matthew Lauer, Scott M. Fitzpatrick, Lawrence Kiko, Grinta Ale'eke

LiDAR Imagery Confirms Extensive Interior Land-Use on Tutuila, American Sāmoa
Ethan E. Cochrane, Joseph Mills"

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Old bridge on Kingsford Smith Drive tells of city's early convict days:


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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dig reveals depth of history:

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Friday, February 16, 2018

The changing face of a 19th century farmstead | Christchurch uncovered:

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Mungo Man: What to do next with Australia's oldest human remains? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

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Laser scanning reveals 'lost' ancient Mexican city had as many buildings as Manhattan | Science | The Guardian:

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Rock Art in Chile's Atacama Depicts Ancient Whale Hunts:

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Once Neolithic urns now painted vases - QAGOMA Blog:

Ed: Bizzare

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"Welcome to the 11th edition of Heritage New Zealand’s Archaeologists' Newsletter"

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Basalt geochemistry reveals high frequency of prehistoric tool exchange in low hierarchy Marquesas Islands (Polynesia), Melinda S Allen - Academia.edu:

Russell BECK Death Notice - Invercargill, Southland | The Southland Times:

 "BECK, Russell Joseph:
Peacefully at Invercargill, on Saturday, 10 February 2018. Aged 76 years."

Oldest Dutch work of art found at the bottom of the North Sea - DutchNews.nl:

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

A mystery solved - Google Groups:

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Ed: This has been controversial from its first discovery. Their status as artefacts has been questioned. The origin of the material further adds to the doubt.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Walton Fund - NZ Archaeological Association: "NZAA is pleased to announce the first call for applications for grants from the Tony Walton Fund. Tony Walton was the NZAA central Filekeeper for nearly 30 years, a scrupulous worker and a long-time advocate of the Site Recording Scheme."

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tracing the tangled tracks of humankind's evolutionary journey | News | The Guardian:

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Hopewell Culture - Transcontinental Travel—2,000 Years Ago - SAPIENS:

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Wellington.scoop.co.nz » 30 million visitors: Te Papa celebrates 20 years on Wednesday:

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Entries open for Heritage Awards | Scoop News: "Entries are now open for the Box 112 2018 Canterbury Heritage Awards. "

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Making Waves in Marlborough Sounds : Image of the Day:

Not archaeology, but.....r

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Mungo Man: What to do next with Australia's oldest human remains? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

'Game-changing': Moa's nuclear DNA make-up revealed - NZ Herald:

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Primate archaeology: Digging up secrets of the monkey Stone Age | New Scientist:

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Life in the field | Great Mercury Island/ Ahuahu Dig Diaries:

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